Ceramic Anilox Rollers

The Ceramic Anilox Rollers consists of a ceramic functioning layer which provides a basis for the laser engraving of our rollers. The surface materials used in these rollers are Aluminium oxide (Al2O3) and Chromium oxide (Cr2O3). These rollers have characteristic melting properties, high density, and suitability for high-energy laser engraving.

Ceramic Anilox Rollers
Ceramic Anilox Rollers

The cell pattern of the product comes in various ranges like 60 Degree Hexagon, 45 Degree Helix, S Pattern, and Art Patt. The surface treatment takes place using thermal spraying.

The processing flow of these ceramic anilox rollers begins with based-roller processing. It then goes through a sandblasting treatment which is further given a Nickel-chromium alloy coating and then coated with a chromium oxide ceramic layer. This is followed by Carborundum grinding and polishing. In the last few processes, it encounters laser engraving and finally, it is cleaned and polished.

These rollers have a maximum length of 5000 mm and a screen line of 80-1800lpi. The surface thickness on each side varies from 0.25-0.3 mm.

The ceramic anilox rollers manufactured by Anar Rub Tech have various advantages like outstanding rigidity of the product, extremely lightweight, and enormous resistance to heating and vibration.

Exceptionally qualified and experienced staff is responsible for the manufacturing process with thorough quality controls at every single phase of the manufacturing. Specifications are affirmed with the client before concluding the final dimensions. As per the client's drawing, rollers will be cut and drilled before dispatch.

All methods are spread out clearly for each phase of the roller manufacturing. The accomplished staff helps in guaranteeing adherence to the systems and guidelines.

Quality is of fundamental significance to us. We take the safe conveyance of our products to our clients very seriously. Measurements are checked and rollers are handled with a lot of care to guarantee adherence to client requirements.

Ceramic Anilox Rollers
Ceramic Anilox Rollers



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